Endpoint protection for Home

Advanced endpoint protection that blocks cyber threats such as malware, spyware, ransomware, etc. Safely protect personal user system and important information with improved real-time monitoring and protection features.

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Endpoint protection for Business

Hackers and cyber crimes are always a threat to the work environment. TACHYON secures important corporate files and information from virus, spyware and ransomware.

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Integrated Security Management

Security is the most important thing in managing corporate asset. Monitor security status of each endpoints and respond immediately to prevent cyber threats like hacking and server attack.

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Patch Management System

As there are more different operating system and applications to manage the more exposure to threats becomes larger. TACHYON helps administrator to find and security patch vulnerabilities.

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300,000 and 365 days

With top security experts and malware analysts, TACHYON LAB collects 300,000 malware patterns every year. We provide real-time engine update and accurate response through 365 days of fast analysis. A top-tier anti-virus features are provided by collecting and analyzing threat data in real-time. Public institutions and companies are choosing TACHYON for its advanced service like real-time response and monitoring management.

Big Data-Based Response Strategy

365 Days of
Quick Response

Malware Pattern Analysis

Latest Trend Tracking

Staff of Anti-Virus Specialist